A modern skincare brand

"Chorong" in Korean means bright and sparkling. Like its literal word meaning, the conceptual skincare brand promises to never leave your skin looking dull again. I've designed a modern skincare brand that emphasizes the importance of making your skin look dewy and glowing.
Branding, Packaging
Photoshop, Illustrator
Chorong skincare brand, with line-art flower and light blue version.
Chorong product shot of a serum.
Beautiful sea-green sea image.
Model facing forward with sunlight hitting her face.
Chorong product shot of a compact cream.
Water droplet rippling.
Model touching her face.
Chorong branding against a dark flower imagery.
Model looking to the side with the sun hitting her face.
Chorong branded posters on brick wall.
Chorong branded name cards, both light blue and dark blue version.
Chorong skincare brand, dark blue version.