An experimental graphic poster collection

"Everyday Thoughts" is a fun graphic poster series where I experimented with different styles in order to convey the random words, thoughts, feelings, lyrics, etc. that would cross my mind on a day-to-day basis.
Graphic Designer
Photoshop, Illustrator
Poster: beige background with bold blue colored-words spanning the poster with the words "MOVE."
Poster: white background with a pixelated image of a street background of Korea. Words "Mission Home" are written, as well as locations in Korea that are written in Korean.
Poster: black background with words that say "Future Unknown" overlapping each other. Weird metallic, twisty-donut in the middle. Neon yellow highlights to the right side.
Poster: purple background with yellow-colored outlined squiggles. Bottom of poster says "KKUM '25."
Poster: image of a dessert and one tree in the middle. Words "Lost" are written in the top left corner, with other Korean words and numbers scattered across the poster.